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Have you found yourself giving your power away in relationships? 

Perhaps attracted toxic or unavailable people and become stuck in unhealthy patterns?

Are you now ready to completely transform your love life once and for all?

After going viral on the internet, EJ Love takes you on the vulnerable journey of self-love reclamation, so that you too can fully heal yourself from past relationships, become truly empowered and keep your heart open to happy, healthy love.

In this book, you will:-
  • Heal the wounds of the past especially those that come from unhealthy co-dependent, abusive and narcissistic relationships
  • Shift your disempowering beliefs about love, romance and soulmates and understand the difference between a woundmate and an actual soulmate
  • ​Learn powerful tools to manage your emotional triggers and use them as a pathway to greater self-love and conscious relating
  • ​Recognise your re-woundings and end your patterns as you become in empowered in your relationship
  • ​Evolve both your inner feminine and inner masculine energies and then naturally attract healthy relationships from a place of sacred inner union
  • ​Finally stop looking outside of yourself for love and become the person that you would want to marry first - your own soulmate who honours and commits to themselves first!

Become the One will help you to unlearn that love is conditional and to remember your deepest truth – that you are love.

As you turn each page of this book you take a step back to where it all began – 
into your own innocent loving heart.

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Book Reviews

A brilliant book that every man and woman needs to read!

Having just come out of (yet another) painful relationship, I can’t tell you how good and timely it is to have this book in my hands. EJ Love is a wonderful, open-hearted, grounded and spiritual woman who opens a door and lets you into her world full of love and healing. Sharing vulnerably, she provides the healing lessons she’s learned in her personal life - as well as how she’s helped clients - and put it down powerfully in this beautiful book. It is time for me to do this inner work much more deeply, and now I have this companion book to help me. Thanks EJ for your love, willingness and authenticity. You, as well as your book, are a light in the world.
Steve Jakab

A must read if you want to heal your love wounds!

I bought this book yesterday and have poured through first few chapters instantly. 2020 is the year for transparency, clarity and responsibility for me and this book nailed it. I’m a single mum who didn’t have the best relationship. I have not dated in years because I didn’t want to be hurt again. I’m reading this book and learning so much about my patterns. The words in the first chapter were like EJ was inside my head and reading my thoughts.  I love this quote “Have you noticed when you try to keep yourself safe, that’s usually when you get hurt the most? Guess what , you chose it! Then you decide you have to keep yourself more protected.  I’m journaling my first letter to myself and ready to finish this book and fall in love with myself again.

Sandie Leong

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